Sunday, February 22, 2009

Did she just say the word "admit"

On Friday night Jess, the boys and I made the trip down to Iowa to spend a long weekend in Baxter. We left Minneapolis around 5:00 pm and due to snowy roads and bad weather for part of the drive a three and half hour trip quickly turned into five hours. When we arrived in Baxter it was time to feed the boys which seemed to be going fairly well until Dylan started coughing and threw up the whole thing down Mariea's back. The rest of the night went ok with both boys sleeping through the night. On Saturday morning however Dylan wasn't interested in eating and threw up a little more so it was off to the clinic in Newton for Dylan and me. We got there at 9:00, saw the doctor around 9:30, had a chest X-ray around 10:00 and was sent to the ER about 30 minutes later with discussions about admitting Dylan going on. Dylan's O2 level was low, his white cell count was high, and chest X-ray showed signs of pneumonia. Before I knew it I was told the ambulance from Blank Children's hospital was on the way to take us to Des Moines. When the ambulance crew showed up they strapped Dylan in and we hit the road. A quick 25 minutes later we arrived at Blank to meet up with Jessica, Carter, Mariea, Jennifer, Adam and Sarah.

We got into our room and the staff started working on Dylan right away. He looked pretty tough with his oxygen tubes, O2 sensor, and night gown that was way to big. He made it through the night pretty well, sleeping most of the night. This morning has been a little rough since Dylan isn't very interested in eating and they have to give him another IV to make sure he gets some fluids. Overall he seems to be getting a little better, he really doesn't like having his nose sucked out but otherwise he seems to be handling it pretty well.

More to come.

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Beth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Dylan and hope he recuperates soon! You guys need some down time! You must be soooo tired! Let us know if you need anything!


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