Saturday, February 28, 2009

Favorite things at four months

The last three weeks have been REALLY rough! We CAN'T wait for the boys to be healthy again. We have been lucky to have my mom and Keith's mom up to help out. And even with the help, we can't seem to catch up on things around here. Despite the irritability, the boys have had a few happy moments. I rarely seem to capture it on camera, but the boys have some really great smiles and are giggling and talking a lot now, which is SO much fun.
Carter absolutely loves the exersaucer and just jumps around, laughs and dances in it. He also learned how to scream from his cousin, Cade, and has been doing that quite a bit. Baths are starting to get a little more fun too. Oh, and most of all, he spends the majority of his day trying to get both fists into his mouth at once.
Dylan thinks the exersaucer is OK, but loves to lay under the baby einstein Caterpillar and grab for the toys that dangle. His new favorite thing is to kick back and relax and tuck his hands behind his head, it is the funniest thing - we can't stop laughing when he does it! He too enjoys putting his hands in his mouth and playing with his fingers.

Dylan at bath time

Grandma Bucklin bought some new PJs, but this hat is a little small for Carter's big head:))


krmccord said...

I enjoyed all your new posts! I hope the boys start feeling soon better! I will be checking plane ticket prices, hopefully sometime we can come for a visit! Oh, and the hands behind the head is just about the cuest thing EVER!!!

Kellie said...

If you ever need any help after your mom leaves (or any other time) I am just across the street! 2 can be a handful especially when sick! Love the bath picture! It's so cute w/ his arms up under his head. Chillaxing!


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