Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye for now until we meet again!

I have to say I have been so lucky to have the best grandpa. For some people their grandparents are people they see on special occasions and holidays, for me, my grandparents played a huge roll in my life. Growing up, my sister and I stayed the night at their house almost every Friday night and we spent most of our summers at their house. Whatever grandpa was working on or doing, I was right by his side. Grandpa was a jack of all trades and was capable of doing about anything. I helped him reside grandma Smyth’s house, rebuild the engine in his old Ford truck and maintain the garden. We spent a lot of our time going fishing, but the best part for me is when we would drive to the lake he would always let me steer the truck.

Him passing away has been a strange death for me, he didn’t have cancer, he didn’t have heart disease, he didn’t have a stroke. Outside, of the arthritis from his old bones, one couldn’t ask for better health at 89. Half his spirit died five years ago when grandma died and since then he has wanted nothing more than to reunite with her. It is funny because she struggled and fought so hard to stay with us and he fought to go. He told me he lived a long good life, it went so fast, but he was ready to go and be with Lilly.

Even if he didn’t have the chance to get to know the boys, it was really important to me that he meet the boys and I am so happy that he was finally able to see them and hold them at Christmas time. I went and saw him one last time on Friday. It was a good visit, we got to talk for a long time and he was in good spirits laughing and even cracking some jokes. He was such a great storyteller and loved to share stories about his time in Ireland during WWII. He was always quick with the jokes as well.

Mom called on Wednesday morning with the news of him taking the turn and transitioning to the other side. He passed away around 8:30, unfortunately, Keith and I didn’t get back until 10ish. I really though he would have made it through the night. I’m OK with our final goodbye, but wish I could have been with him during his last day with us. But I will always have thousands of great memories with him and can find peace knowing he has finally reunited with grandma.


Jon and Jennifer said...

Jess, I'm sorry for your loss; it sounds like you had some GREAT times with your grandpa.

Kellie said...

What a great pic of you 2. I'm so sorry. Like I said, let us know if you need ANYTHING!!! We're only a house away. :)

Beth said...

Dear Jessica,

We are very sorry for your loss! We'll keep your family in our prayers!

Also, have safe travels as you make your way back to the Twin Cities!



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