Sunday, January 25, 2009

Date Night!

This weekend Aunt Sarah and Uncle Adam came up to visit and help out with the boys. They were busy with the boys the moment they walked through the door and until they left. On Saturday night they sent us out to have a date night. It had been so long since we had even thought about going out without the boys, we weren't even sure what to do. We finally decided to try a Mexican restaurant in Burnsville and then found ourselves at Menards and Babies R Us....pretty romantic, huh! We figured Sarah and Adam would be mad if we showed up at 7:30, so we stopped at our neighbors and played some Guitar Hero. They were also so kind to let us sleep in today... I slept until 9:30, which was AWESOME!!

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Beth said...

Did you spend the whole night talking about the kids. That's what we tend to do when we have a date night!

The Bormann Family said...

I think they may have came up in conversation a couple of times:))

Kellie said...

It was fun having you guys stop by to play GH! :) Come over anytime (w/ the boys too) and we can rock out some more! :)


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