Monday, January 5, 2009

2 Month Appointment

The boys had their two month appointment on Friday. Unfortunately, Keith had to take the boys on his own, which was quite a handful since they had to get four shots. I missed the appointment because I took a quick 24 hour trip back to Iowa to visit my grandpa. He has decided he is no longer going to take his medicines and moved from the nursing home to hospice on Saturday. I spent Friday afternoon with him and had a really nice visit with him and really, he seemed much better to me than he had.

The doctor's appointment went really well, they are both growing quickly and becoming strong boys. Here are their stats:

12 pounds 5 oz (85%)
23.5 inches (88%)

11 pounds 11 oz (74%)
23 inches (75%)

Their heads continue to get more and more flat in the back so we will be seeing a cranial specialist February 13th. Hopefully they won't need helmets, but I don't think Dylan will be able to escape it. Since they are always laying the same way their necks have gotten stiff too, so we have some exercises that will help. On the downside, they HATE the exercises and scream through them.

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Kellie said...

Oh no! Not helmets! My mom had to do ankle exercises w/ Kara and I b/c we were so pigeon toed. :) Thanks to her parental commitment we are not pigeon toed today! :)


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