Sunday, March 15, 2015


Look who got away for a long weekend!!!  Keith and I went out to the Lake Tahoe area and stayed with Keith's cousin for the weekend (like almost 2 months ago).  My first time to the area and it was absolutely beautiful.  The weather was actually pretty warm for the time of the year and the snow was about 5-10 feet less than normal.  

We spent one day skiing, which was super fun.  I hadn't been skiing for a few years.  Always a little worried I might blow a knee on the slopes, but did OK.  Jim taught me to ski much better, so that helped.  Keith did alright too, but had a huge bruise on the backside.  

We went skiing at Squaw Valley, where they held the 1960 Olympics.  The views were amazing, you can almost see Lake Tahoe in the background.  

Keith and I took an adventure around the lake.  We stopped at this fun little beach where there were tons of stacks of rocks, the boys would have been in heaven.


We made a last minute stop to Emerald Bay on the way to the airport - worth the stop!!!

Check out these amazing trees- we saw even bigger ones as we went.

Overall, we had such a fun time.  Erin and Jim are great hosts and took us to some fun spots!  Always fun to get away, but of course I missed the kids!!!!  

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