Monday, July 18, 2011

Carter and Dylan

Carter and Dylan are doing pretty well adjusting to the new house.  They still ask about grandma and grandpa a lot.  We'll say we're having dinner and they will always say grandma and grandpa too.  They also don't quite understand that we aren't as close anymore.  We went on a walk one night and they wanted to go to Cade's house.  Carter is really missing Cade I think.  Sunday we went to Baxter and he kept talking about seeing Cade all day and when we pulled into the driveway at mom and dad's house he said Cades not here and started crying. So I brought him over to Jennifer's house to play because you have never seen such a sad little boy! 
Outside of tonight, they have done pretty well in their big boy beds.  I think the first couple nights they probably didn't think they could get out of them.  They also took their first shower with daddy in his new shower.  Keith decided that worked pretty slick, so they may be doing more showers.  We've been working on towns now that everyone is in different towns, so they seem to know Polk City and Baxter and now we are working on Oliver's house in Norwalk and Grandma and Grandpa in Sibley. 
Keith spoke to the daycare in town and they can start anytime in August now, so I have been debating when the best time to do the transition would be.  I would like them to somewhat get more settled, I know it is going to be a rough process, but the best thing for them in the long run.  I hate the thoughts of the first few weeks already:((
So far I'm loving the layout of the new house, it was so nice tonight after dinner, the boys played in the family room and I was able to clean up the kitchen and still easily watch them!  However, I'm not loving them being upstairs.  They have always been right across the hall from us, so I'm missing that.  I'm sure in a few years I will love it, but right now I would like them a bit closer.  Plus one night Keith and I had about 5 trips up their between 12 and 4, so that wasn't too fun!

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