Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bormann's on the move...

Sorry I have not been blogging, but it's been a hectic couple of weeks as we have been in our house for a little over a week now!  To no surprise, moving has been a bit crazy and I have been quite exhausted at night and a bit sore in the morning.  As long as you don't look at our basement or our garage, you will think we have made major progress. 

Here is how things have been going...

 I spent about a week loading up this trailer every night!  Good thing I had help from these two - well, they didn't help too much with the heavy stuff, but maybe I can enter them in some bag tournaments next summer.
Keith putting his Ikea skills to work.

So when we first arrived we didn't plan well for the food situation - so we resorted to the boys getting to have a super fun dinner with their toy frying pans.  It worked! 

 This was one jammed packed trailer!  And even though Keith had minimum faith in my packing skills and was certain everything would fall out when the door opened - I was quite impressed to see just a couple things had shifted in transit.  Big thank you to my brother for hauling the trailer for us.  I told him this trip was a breeze compared to when he hauled our belongings to New Jersey and drove back the next day!  What a great guy.
 When we unloaded the trailer I was a little surprised that all this stuff was in it!  No wonder it took me so many nights to fill it up! 
We are liking the fenced in deck - the boys seem to be having a lot of fun out there too.  We let them take their squirt guns and play by their selves on the deck.
 We recruited Morgan to watch the boys for a few hours while we worked!  They are a big fan of her, hopefully she comes back soon.

 I decided to clean out the boys' medicine basket!  Yikes, look at all those scripts.  I do not miss the days of going to the doctor 3 days a week.
 This is are bedroom! I tackled this mess on Saturday.
 The beginning of the stripes!!  THANK YOU MOM!! 
 Dylan double checking some measurements.
 When movers pack your stuff, they really pack your stuff!  This was paper from one box.  However, when Lockheed moved us from NJ to MN, I would say that group did a bit of a better job.  I opened one box that had my china and my roller blades - not a good combination!
YAY- and the movers arrive!  The movers came on Monday with all the items we had in long-term storage.  There first truck broke down, so they had to do some shifting around and some repairs, but got everything in the house by the end of the day.
 This shelf didn't look so great! 
 More stripes!
 I guess this can be Keith's man cave for now - or I guess it looks more like a man and women cave with these chairs. 
 So basically we had the movers move more stuff to the basement than to the rest of the house.
 The boys got to have the first bath in mom's tub.  It was a hit.
 Look who got to come out of their boxes after 5 years, our china!  Found a spot for it in the cupboard - so now we need to make a fancy dinner some night.
 Jennifer and Alec came to help out on Tuesday.
 I have no idea how we accumulated all these cleaning supplies!  Seriously, I don't even clean that much.

 Stripes complete!  So the boys each saw their room for the first time separately and the first reaction for both was to go straight to their "big" orange pillows and comment on them.
 Miss Nicole was a rockstar helper coming over two nights, THANK YOU!!!  Sarah, unpacker extraordinaire / baby whisperer, Bormann spent all day Tuesday with us as well!  Again, THANK YOU for all the help! 

 Our washer and dryer finally came Tuesday at about 7:00 pm.  We sure could have used it Monday morning.  Everything in the boxes smelled awful, so we washed every towel and about every linen.  These guys have been going non-stop!  I'm loving having them on the main level as well - I have yet to to forget to put a load of wet clothes into the dryer. 
 This is the island of misfit decorations.  No, not really, but don't expect to see any decorations any time soon!  I think I will be taking that slowly- it took me about 4 years to decorate the last house.
Keeping it classy at the Bormann's
Work break!  Grandpa Bormann helped us clean the garage this weekend.  There is now room for one car.  At several moments we felt as though we were just moving stuff from one spot to another.

 Keith spent about 15 hours hanging this TV mount to the fireplace.
We are still debating if we should go up a size - however, you have to jump to 7" bigger - there isn't a good in between.

Also, the tile for the fireplace is in, so hopefully that will be installed soon!

Dylan helping me make the bed
Carter helping Keith

 Carter and Grandpa doing some evaluation on the lawn or I should say dirt.
And Stella, well I'm not sure what she thinks of the place!  She is on vacation at Grandma and Grandpa Bucklin's


krmccord said...

Everything is coming together. Looks good!

Pietigs said...

Looking good!

Mike and Sarah said...

Jessica, the house is just beautiful!! Congratulations and have fun finding the perfect place for everything!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter