Tuesday, July 5, 2011

16 hours

WOOOO!  We had a busy weekend for sure!  
Keith was so kind to watch the boys ALL day Saturday so my mom
 and I could take a 
power shopping trip to Minneapolis.  
 I sure do miss these great stores being in my backyard! 

We left Baxter at 7 am and this is how the day went: 

Pottery Barn
Restoration Hardware
Crate and Barrel
Lunch at Big Bowl
TJ Maxx Home store
Back to West Elm
….and this is when I started to get tired, mostly because if you ever just want to be in the mix of a crowd of people wondering around aimlessly go to these two places…
Mall of America to go to Nordstrom’s Rack
And we ended the day at Ikea
Followed by a quick meal at Panera and got back to Baxter around 11:30.

Some of the goods...
I have been looking around for a new desk for a while now and found one I really liked at Homemakers, but it was a bit big for the room.  Ikea has this mix and match where you can pick your top, pick your legs, so this is what I went with.  I have a set of cubes from Ikea that match this and I had planned on using them in our new office, so it will match.  Plus it was under $100!  Only downside is no drawers or storage, so I guess we will have to be extra clean and attempt to eliminate a few of those computer cords.

I bought two of these mirrors for our bathroom.  I hope they match the lights OK! I was a bit annoyed because they sell them in the store, but they were out of stock, so we had to order them and then they charge you shipping!  It's not my fault they don't keep enough in stock.

I got two of these rugs from West Elm for our bathroom

After purchasing and returning 5 sets a bedding, I managed to finally find some that I am excited about.  I’ve been obsessed (and I’m using that word literally) with finding grays and yellows for months now! 

 Overall I would say the trip was a success!  Now I should probably focus on finishing that headboard and finding window treatments for our bathroom and bedroom.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter