Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer iPhone pics

So it's September now and again I have not been doing so well keeping up with this blog.  The summer started out at a good pace, then it seems we've had something going on every single day!  School started last week and now we are jumping back into soccer, gymnastics and dance for Olivia.  So lots of fun things happening.  Here are some phone pics, i have more to go and many other summer highlights as well.  I think I see how many pics I have and get super overwhelmed thinking about going through all of them and doing posts.  Then I just don't do anything.  

I've been playing sand volleyball with some ladies on Sundays.  My first of two thumb injuries:(

This girl loves, loves, loves the lip gloss.

Yep, she mixed deli meat into her fruit loops.  That was a first.  

Welcome to my world!  Do you see it?


Got to love a guy who bakes!!  These were delicious too.  This might have been our biggest party wagon yet - Keith had to use a bungee to hold everything down.  

Fun little fourth of July gathering.

We went to a wedding in State Center this summer and drove past Keith's old house.  It looks so different with all the trees.

We did a big bike ride on the trail.  

Cade's birthday party.

So this happened.  Just a straight wind, but it lifted the table and chairs.  I can live without my table, but you wouldn't believe all the glass that landed on our sandbox that we are still trying to dig up.  HUGE MESS.

This summer Keith and the kids planted all kinds of fun things.  We are practically farmers these days:)

A few fun sparklers!


Baxter Fun Days Fireworks were great!!!  For the first time in possible EVER it rained on Baxter Fun Days.  They had to move the parade and festivities around.  This just does not happen.  My mom also had surgery on her shoulder that week, so she wasn't able to join for the parade. Happy to report she is doing much better now!  Olivia still likes to ask her about it and says she gives her soft hugs to feel better.

Took the kids mini golfing for the first time.  They liked it, Carter even got a hole in one.  Total luck!

The greens crew.  I probably haven't posted pergola pics yet.  Should do that!

my American Ninjas in training.  They can't get enough of that show.  No surprise there.

The boys did Lego camp this year, which they LOVED.  Thankfully it worked out for Uncle Nick to stay that week and help us out with transportation.  Plus they really liked having him at our house for the week as well!

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