Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Another great Bormann Family Reunion

We had a great time at the Bormann Family Reunion this year.  The kids loved staying in the hotel, playing with their cousins and running around the farm.  Friday night we went to the Algona park!  

We were so excited to see Adam, Sarah, Oliver and Kasper!  One afternoon Dylan decided he would be Kasper's buddy and took him all over the park.  Not too often my boys do that, so it was quite sweet to see.  

We made a visit to the Algona pool.  First Must do after passing the swim test.... straight to the high dive.  Not the smaller one, to the really high one!  NO FEAR!!!  Then they were doing flips off of it.  Which really was not a great idea and Dylan ended up doing a huge belly flop and was really hurting. New Bormann Rule:  No flips off the high dive!  I think all agreed!

Dylan's stomach from his belly flop.

More fun at the farm - they had a little zoo, which the kids loved.  Carter is such an animal lover.

This looks sweet, huh.  About two minutes later I saw Olivia lick her hand:(

Little drive in movie!  how fun are these little cars.

Until Next year!!!  And surely I have some pics with Grandma Bormann on my iPhone pics!!!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter