Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Time

The summer has been off to a quick start and here we are in July already!  Here's a bit of what we have been up to:
  • Weather has been up and down, extremely hot some days, other days it feels like fall
  • I've only made it out on the boat one time so far this summer.  The first trip out ended on a bad note, Keith tossed my iPhone into a 31 tote that he was carrying, leaned over and my phone sunk so fast in the water we barely heard the "plop".  So then I think I went almost 4 days without a phone.  Since I am a heavy iPhone user, you can imagine this was an odd feeling for a few days.  How did people ever meet up before cell phones, I mean I did it but it would be really strange as a parent not having your phone.  Good news is I have a new one and a floaty case! I highly recommend one.  I also recommend you upload your phone pics if you haven't, I lost about 2 month of photos:(((
  • Tball, Soccer and Piano lessons have been occupying our evenings.  All are complete now outside of Piano Lessons. 
  • I feel like kids activities are making a dent in the wallet.  Between sports, swimming lessons, soccer camp, Lego camp and the summer daycare program I can't imagine what our total is!  
  • Last Saturday we went to Sounds on the Square with some friends, we had a good time!  
  • Keith spent the last three days in California, so we are all happy to have him back.
  • I tried yoga for the first time last Saturday.  I would go again.  
  • We had a 50 year anniversary party for my parents last Saturday!
  • We built a Pergola for the patio, I'll be sure to post some pictures.
  • We've done a few races.
  • It was our 10 year wedding anniversary on June 11th.

We brought back the "iced" game.  Never gets old!

The boys spent a week at Grandma and Grandpa Bormann's house.  We met them at the farm.  The boys love climbing in this tree!  Keith had a work trip all week, so it was just me and Olivia.  I was looking forward to some girl time, but the girl was heartbroken!  And I mean heartbroken.  i think it was a bit much for her to have the boys and Keith gone.  Every morning she asked if we could go pick her brothers up, again when I picked her up and again in the evening.  She sure does love them.  Meanwhile, the boys had a blast.

Pinterest project i had been thinking about doing for a couple years!  So far the paint is holding.

Grandma Caroline is looking fabulous as always!

Check out the new curtains!  It took a few attempts to get the right curtains delivered.  Possibly Keith's most challenging curtain rod hanging yet, but they are done.  Wish we would have done this 3 years ago.

She is always a fun shopping partner.

So sleepy!

Finally on our way to pick up her brothers.

And all is good in the world again.

It was Sibley's town festival, so the boys got to do something they have been wanting to do their entire lives - BE IN A PARADE!

Check out this slide they still have in Sibley, not too many of these arm-breakers around.

look what we found...double long jump pits. Perfect for these two, they did at least 10 runs.

I accidentally double booked swim lessons through Parks and Rec and with a gal that does lessons in the neighborhood.  So the boys had lessons in the morning, then in Johnston, then went to the Slater Pool a couple days.  I think they actually got tired!
Olivia insisted on wearing her "swimming trunks" each day at swimming lesson and would not wear her top. Always like her brothers.  This was her first time doing lessons, she was super shy at first but loved them.  

These were some of my beautiful flowers before the deer ate them.

Camping with he Robinson's.  We actually just go visit for a few hours, so much easier than the real deal. Keith and the boys did do a night in the tent at our neighbors earlier this summer.

Ready for the floods!

We had my 15 year class reunion.  Not a huge turnout, but a good time.  I've decided this is the summer of overlaps.  I've had several fun events on the same day, so we have been missing out on a few things.  Keith's reunion is the same weekend as the Bormann reunion, which is also the same weekend of the PC pub crawl.  Busy weekend!

We can check fishing off the summer list.

olivia loves having her nails pained. The hardest part is narrowing down to a few colors.  Look like these are all actually the same color.

My last picture with this TWO year old.  I'll post more bday pictures. She's growing up!

Birthday Rootbeer Floats.

Olivia's boyfriend Grayer, these two are a hoot!  They have the best time playing together.

We finally took the front off her crib. She does GREAT! nothing like the nightmare we went through with the boys. Funny part is some nights we leave the lights on and she reads books. Then she gets up and shuts the light off and goes to sleep! Seriously, this would have never happened with the boys.  NEVER!

Liv and our neighbor Tyler, she asked if he could hold her hand:)  And she would have a lot of jealous 10 year old girls because Tyler is popular with he girls in the neighborhood.  We've seen some ding-dong ditching runners:) Ahhh to be a kid in the summer again, wasn't that the best.

Of course my kids are always so tired in the morning.  Does it take anyone else 20 minutes to wake your kids up?

I played vball with some gals last week.  super fun outside of this thumb injury.  

She likes her lip gloss just as much as her nail polish.  

I'll try to post some more! I'm sure we have tons of summer fun ahead.

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