Monday, July 6, 2015

She's THREE!!

Carter and Dylan were beyond excited to surprise Olivia with streamers and balloons for her third birthday.  And she has been beyond excited about turning three and has really stretched out her birthday.  She had her party, then later in the week it was the real deal.  Then the next day she would say, "it's still my birthday." That happened for a couple days, then she started saying, "yesterday was my birthday" and now I think she's finally over it.  

See her little fingers holding up three!  She kept saying when I wake up I'll turn three overnight.

I got her a huge box with 16 packs of gum, gum is one of her favorite things.  (I know, bad parenting!   The boys didn't have gum until they were six).  At least she rarely swallows it anymore.  I also got her a Little mermaid puzzle and some new undies.  The boys got her a razor scooter.  She took a liking to their scooter so they told me they wanted to get her one about a month ago and they were quite excited about it.  

A little bit about our three year old right now....
  • She still believes if the boys can do it, she can too!  
  • She has her moments, but for the most part is really sweet and so much fun!  
  • She is getting to be quite silly
  • She loves playing with her babies, but plays with them at school more than at home
  • Still a big-time daddy's girl
  • She does awesome in her big girl bed, SO MUCH BETTER than her brothers.  When I tuck her in, we read books, then she likes to read books a little longer and I leave the light on and she actually gets up and turns it off and goes to sleep.  Can you believe that?  The boys would not have done that.  
  • She loves to read books and stories and tries to read back to you.  She thinks every "o" she sees stands for Olivia.
  • Her hair is getting really long, we still have not cut it.  Doesn't feel so great, but that's OK.  I wish she would let us put it in a ponytail more often, it's usually on the crazy side. 
  • She loves Paw Patrol and Scooby Doo.
  • She loves chips!  Every time I asked her what she wanted for her bday she would say chips!  She brought Cheetos and cupcakes for her friends at school.  
  • Loves riding her bike and she does really well, we go on bike rides on an occasion
  • This girl can't get enough of the dresses.  This is one area that she does not take after me, I would not wear a dress as a child and she seems to not want to wear shorts!  Dress almost every day.
  • She loves playing with our neighbor girls Nora and Harper and then the "big" girls down the street.
  • She does such a great job sitting on the sidelines with me watching her brothers, again- this would not have went so well if the situation was reversed.
  • She loves playing with her cousin Alec, but watch out, these two can be double trouble.
  • She has a blast swimming and took swimming lessons this summer.  
  • She has two boyfriends- Grayer and Charlie!  
  • She's been wearing some fake glasses around lately!
  • She got a Frozen Jeep for her bday that she loves driving around and the best part is she doesn't have to share it with her brothers.
  • She's a bit of a chatter box, has a ton of words!
  • Loves her flip flops and her new tennis shoes, which she now wears with her dress:)  Classy!  She probably gets that part from me.
  • Still singing Frozen songs as loud as she can
  • Loves having her nails painted.
  • The girl loves sunscreen and requests it about three times a day.
  • I love when she mimics me, she had her head tilted yesterday "making her hair curly"
  • Asks MANY questions.
  • She's been doing a lot of puzzles lately, she loves them.
  • When we go shopping she likes to sit on the checkout counter, then she always asks the worker, "what's your name".  With that said, everyone else she is extremely shy with right now.  Like REALLY shy.  
I guess that is it for now!  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time for a while:)

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter