Friday, December 12, 2014

Phone Photos

This is always a good way to catch up on blogging!

We did a little bloody mary's and bagels get-together for Keith's big 33 back in September.

We took the boys to the Monster Truck Rally this fall.  

This girl is fun to take shopping.  And for a while she was wearing that ISU hat.  We got many looks!

So glad she stopped insisting on wearing these.

Time to call some back-up doc!  This does not look good for you.

Glad he hasn't tried to do this for a while.  thank you art teacher for teaching the color wheel.

I just love this!!!

We made it to a couple ISU games this year.

And we got Gyros from the Gyro stand - JUST LIKE 2004.  AMAZING!


I feel the same way.

Bormann Fort building personal best.

We have the coolest art teacher.  these are blue prints.  

Big sister!!!

Olivia was invited to a Pajama party - so fun, perhaps too much fun!

See this Bormann Garden.  We are practically farmers.  All those vines= 1 baby melon.  It was beautiful though. unfortunately, when we cut it open it was just as green on the inside:(

Leaf necklace Dylan made me.

And I totally forgot picture day.  It was a rough week.

She's a beaut!

Carter finally lost a tooth that he actually put under his pillow.  Swallowed the first two.  Then lost two that day at school, but one was not found???

We have all three back in gymnastics- same time. 

We took the boys to a game this year.

Bad ideas - all around.

Babies, glue, glitter....BAD COMBO!

That's my two year old:)

Moms of boys - I hate to share, but it's true.  Sometimes girls just sit and color and it's AMAZING!!!!

Dylan decorated this all by himself for his bday party.

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