Sunday, August 24, 2014

What happened to summer?

Summer has been passed by WAY TOO FAST!!!  The weather is still really weird- August has not been near as warm as normal. Which some of you are probably fine with but I actually like humidity. So my hope is that September will be abnormally warm and my fear.... that it will keep cooling down cooler than normal and we will be stuck inside until May.  

July and the beginning of August was extremely busy for us.  If I can recall how this went as it all flew by so fast...
  • The boys did this British Soccer camp towards the end of July (at 10:30 - which does not work so well for people work) - my mom was so kind to take the boys two days, I did two days and Keith did a day.  
  • Right after the last day of soccer camp I had an annual girls weekend trip to Kansas City with all the girls I went to high school with and I should actually say kindergarten and even pre-school.  So you can imagine we had A LOT to talk about.  
  • Sunday was busy- I was on my way back from KC, Keith took Olivia to spend the day with my mom, while he took the boys up to his grandparent's farm in northern Iowa to meet his parents.  From there, they took the boys back to Sibley for a "vacation" until that Friday.  Which made it my longest stretch to ever be away from the boys.  As soon as I got back from KC I went to Baxter to get Olivia - then we met up with Keith for a quiet evening of unpacking and repacking.
  • Mon-Thursday I was in Chicago for a sales meeting.  I've been to Chicago a few times, but this was the first time I've stayed magnificent mile, so it was fun to be close to all the action.  I ate way too much food!  
  • I got back Thursday night and again unpacked and repacked.  This time for a little trip to Algona for the Bormann family reunion.  
  • I was super anxious to get there to see the boys and I think Olivia was even more excited than us.  All week she seemed to just be missing a bit of pep.  you should have seen how excited she was to see her brothers.  I will have to do another post on that.  
  • On Sunday we went back home and then it was Keith's turn.  On Monday he went to Minnesota  until Wednesday.  I was happy to be home.  It also happened to be VBS week for the boys so it was a bit hectic and one of those- what am I thinking moments- the first night I bought the boys Jimmy Johns over my lunch, got to daycare as fast as I could after work, literally walked the kids out to the parking lot, fed them in about 5 minutes, walked them back in for VBS, took Olivia home and gave her a bath and put her to bed.  My neighbor was kind enough to watch her for 15 minutes so I could go back for the boys.  The next night my mom was so kind to pick them up early and take them to a movie and feed them so it wasn't a mad rush.   And so they weren't at the same place from 7-8.  
  • Keith got back Wednesday night and I had a wedding shower.  Then on Friday morning we hit the road again for a mini vacation to Kansas City until Sunday.  
  • I also started painting the garage....FINALLY finished on Thursday.  I've decided garage painting should be called obstacle course painting.  Just happy I didn't fall off the ladder.
  • That Monday we went to the State Fair with my parents and sister's family.  That was a blast, I'll post more.
  • By the time the next friday came I was super pumped to have zero plans to leave the house.  Keith's parents came for the weekend and I did some more painting!  
  • Saturday we went boating with Sarah, Kasper and Oliver and Keith's parents and went to the fair again....SUPER FUN.
  • Sunday we had a wedding shower and went boating.
  • This past week was finally back to normal, outside of that starting kindergarten business!!! 

So that is how the last 4-5 weeks have been.  We have finally been catching up on laundry and doing some cleaning around here.  All these back-to-back trips did not leave our house in good shape.  

slip and slide sunday!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter