Thursday, August 21, 2014

Before they were kindergarteners

Wasn't this just like last month???

I've had August 22nd in mind for about 3 months now and have been hoping for time to stand still all summer.  Friday is almost here and it will be my baby boys first day of kindergarten.   They are ready for it and excited about it, so I'm not sure why I am struggling with it.  I guess it's one of those memorable milestones that represents big change and a new chapter of their lives.  They will learn all sorts of new things, make new friends and grow up really fast before my eyes.  They are big kids now! I hope they each find new passions, but wish the bond between continues to strengthen.  Even if they make their own friends and have their own new hobbies / activities.  They have been so similar in everything to this point, so this will open us up to a new side to our boys.  
Tomorrow is their last "full day" at daycare.  They already moved them to the "school-agers" group and sent home their little pillows and cot blankets yesterday:(  Not sure if I was ready for that.

You are my sweet little momma's boy.  Possibly not sweet 100% of the time, you give us a run for our money too!  But you do love your mommy and I love that about you. 

Almost every night before bed, you tell me, "good night mom, I love you.  You are the best mom in the entire world.  You are the best mommy all the way to the moon.  The best mom in the galaxy.  The best mom ever, I love you." And this an go on for a while depending how hard he is trying to not go to bed.  Then sometimes he asks me for an extra really big hug and kiss.

Even though you don't really know what it means to be the oldest, you seem to naturally take on the oldest brother role and seem to carry the weight of that responsibility.  If I ask you to watch your sister, you will take your responsibility seriously.  

If you want to, you have an intense focus to achieve what you want.  I hope you never lose this and if you put this focus towards the right things you will accomplish great things in life.  

You are such an amazing helper!  You love to help your mommy.  You love helping me with projects and are the biggest helper when it comes to setting up parties.  

You are a negotiator - again a skill I hope you use wisely.  

You have so much energy! I always say the world would be a better place if everyone could wake up with a dose of Dylan's energy.  

You love to play hard, I hope you never lose this.  I love watching you swing high with a huge smile on your face, ride your bike, swim and run.  

You have a great sense of adventure!  Not scared of ANYTHING, which scares me a bit too.  You will go on any ride they will allow you to go on.

You are finding your sense of humor and are starting to joke around with us!

You love your brother and your sister so much.  I love how you take care of your sister and how you will always have an eye on your brother. 

Most of the time I love how you REMEMBER EVERYTHING.  Seriously, sometimes you bring up stuff from when you were like two.  Except last night you did did tell me you guys were one when we got Olivia.  As if we picked her up from a store:)

I love how you and Carter always sit side-by-side - touching on the couch.  

You are such a smart little boy- great at coming up with solutions to achieve what you need.  I hope you never lose your curiosity to learn and figure out how things work.  I love how excited you get about our little experiments.  

You are my accident-prone little guy - wish I could wrap you in bubble wrap.  However, you are a tough cookie!  And have handled all your incidents so well.  Even though tonight when talking about a friend getting a staple you said, "I know how bad that hurts, it freakin hurts". Guess we need to watch what we say around here.   

Sometimes we made you guys wear sill things!

Sometimes I still wish you had these helmets, we've had so many collisions.


This is Carter in a nutshell.  

You guys have always been busy ones - look at our house, it was a tornado.  ALL THE TIME!  not really much better these days.  But I seriously don't think we sat down for like two years.  Unless they were sick, which you two had ever common illness like three times.  

I always love holding my boys in my lap, the best feeling!  Look how good yellow blank looks!

I love how close the three of you are.  You guys love your sister and she absolutely adores you.  She loves you, hugs you, tries to take care of you and anything you guys are doing - she is going to be doing too!

You've been telling us Dylan will be an astronaut and Carter will be a construction worker for a good year now!

I love your passion with finding the best presents and wrapping them up.  

I think it's such a special thing to be able to have your best friend right by your side.   I hope these two stay close forever- and I hope I always remember all the silly and wonderful things I've heard or seen them do together.

Never a boring moment at the Bormann house

Carter - you are my big teddy bear, such a loving boy!  For sure a big lover of your daddy!  

You are my easy going - fun loving kid!  I think kids just naturally gravitate towards you.  

One of my favorite things about you is your passion! If you ever hear Carter tell a story about the littlest, silliest thing he gets so excited and expressive.  I LOVE IT!  

You have such a fun love for music.  Always telling us to turn the radio up.  Then asking me about the words of the song - then me creatively coming up with a good answer on why they said things he's not supposed to say.

You are ALL BOY!  It's hard for you to walk by anything without climbing it.  You have a love for creatures and all things that move.  You always say you want to be a construction worker but I could see you working with animals. You have the softest touch, you can catch any frog on the first try.  

You and your sister have the cutest little bond, she is always saying, "where's Carter".  I love how you take good care of her and play with her. Like some mornings you play kitchen with her and let her snuggle with you on the couch.

When you are sad you hold it in and it takes forever for me to get you to tell me - I hope overtime you will share those feelings faster. 

You can't get enough of swimming, climbing, running, biking - anything in action.

You love to play.  Specifically Legos, you could play legos all day.  You are so good at following the instructions and building some really hard sets - I'm sure you could out-build your mom any day.

I love your excitement when you tell me all the places you want to go - like Mexico.  Tomorrow.  

You are so silly in ways you don't even know, you crack me up all the time!

You are our softy - often times getting scared at about any movie... specifically every 5 year old girl in America's favor movie - FROZEN.

You are so darn fast and strong - I hope someday you will find a passion for athletics but for right now watching sports on TV or playing catch is probably the last thing on your list of things to do.  Though you were starting to like baseball!  For right now I think being a Ninja Warrior would top both your and Dylan's lists for sports. (probably not mine!)

You are fearless when it comes to rides and adventures, I love it!  Scares me, but I love it.  Please don't let Dylan talk you into skydiving.  

You are such a smart little man, can't wait to see you learn to read!  You love reading books, I hope you always enjoy this.

I love how much fun you and your brother can have and how similar you are in some ways.  Can't tell you how many times you fell asleep the exact same way. You two can laugh so hard and some nights when you should be sleeping I let you two giggle in your room instead.

I wonder if you will ever find a love for all things capes and costumes or if we will have a three-pete on the pumpkin Halloween costume.  

I love all the stories you tell, this kid could go on and on and on.  I hope you do this forever.  Lately, it's been, "mom, I have to tell you something...". "Mom, I hate to tell you this..."

I LOVED THOSE crazy curls!! 

I think it's safe to say since you guys were about two, we've spent most waking hours playing hard!  I don't regret the decision of sending you to daycare these past 6 years since you've made so many friends and had a number of great experiences and have learned so much.  However, I sure wish you were only there about half of that time.  For that reason, we've eaten crappy dinners on the driveway, left our house a mess most of the time, stayed up way too late, participated in far too many activities and outings, stayed outside playing until dark or after dark many nights, let you guys have way too many Popsicles and root beer floats.... all to see you be the busy kids you are and to enjoy as much of it as we can.  It's been a roller coaster of experiences and emotions that I would do over again a million times!  Every day has been so busy and stressful at times, but so fulfilling at the same time.  I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! Here's to the next ride.  


Mom said...

Like I said, it goes fast! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!! Even the bad ones! :)

Mica Boyd said...

That made me cry! They are two very special little boys and I know they will do great in school! Dylan and Carter, you boys brought me so much joy when I was your preschool teacher. You always knew how to make me smile and laugh! I wish you the best.
Miss Mica


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