Tuesday, June 3, 2014

hello. hello.

Look close - you will see it.

I really hate that I don't keep up with this blog and I quickly lose all the memories we make each day around here. Most things probably aren't very exciting, but things I am sure i will enjoy looking back on someday when these little ones aren't so little anymore.  Which by the way, have you noticed how big Dylan and Carter are getting!  Big boys now - all ready for kindergarten.  

I have tons of pictures from all sorts of events, I just need to sit down and post.  Seems like we don't get the boys to bed until after 9 these days so it's hard to find time to do this - I really just need to make the time though.

Meet Louie, our neighbors new pup.  

Olivia LOVES her brothers.  She always says, "where's my Carter, where's my Dylan."  She is also super funny carrying tons of random things around lately.  Usually her purse, picnic basket and doctor kit - all you need, right? 

  • Last weekend and the past few weeks were super busy with the garage sale.  My sister and sister-in-law joined together for a big sale.  I think they are sorta fun, but certainly a lot of work!  I did enjoy having the day off on Friday and hanging out with them.  I'm also glad to be done -I need to spend my extra time on things like - somebody who is turning 2 soon.
  • It's FINALLY WARM around here!  So we have basically been living outside and eating crappy meals... I love it!  
  • I'm starting a bootcamp tomorrow morning.  I really need it, so hopefully it works. It is only 12 sessions so I think I can handle that.  I will let you know progress.  Of course we have no scale here, so I guess I will have to judge by how tight my pants are. 
  • Keith and i have been doing the June Ab challenge floating around on Facebook - seems they made an aggressive jump on day two.... might not make it by day 10.
  • The boys have been busy with activities.  Today they had their first day of swimming lessons, their last soccer game and t-ball practice.  Happy to report they are sound asleep.  
  • The boys had pre-school graduation - I'll post pics later, I was pretty ticked to find most were blurry.
  • We have already had the slip and slide and pool out...YAY!
  • We have been busy planting flowers, I LOVE having green grass and flowers blooming.
  • I really want to plan a little summer trip - I just don't know where.  I asked the boys, Carter said Mexico, Dylan thought maybe we could go to Disney again or France.  I was thinking more like a drive to destination.
  • I should make a note on here for record purposes - Carter had a Bormann child personal best sleeping in until 9:30 on Friday. Not a typo - 9:30 - they rarely sleep past the 8:00 hour.  Amazing.  9:30!
  • Olivia has been a hoot lately and a little sassy too.  Tonight she demanded something and then quickly followed with a loud NOW.  So that wasn't cool, if that keeps up this girl might be spending her summer in time-out.  Perhaps a sign of terrible twos.  I hope not.
  • Oh, and I have a swearing toddler on my hands.  She pulled something out of her pocket and said damn it.  I said OLIVIA and she said shoot, shoot, shoot!  The funny part is she always uses it appropriately, so I guess we need to start watching what we say!  Really we do, she repeats EVERYTHING.
  • I also had to stock up on band aids, she thinks she needs one every time the boys get one.
  • Olivia also has had croup and hand foot and mouth this month.  Her poor little feet looked terrible with the blisters.  They didn't seem to bother her.  She definitely had a much worse case than her brothers ever had.  On a positive note, when we went to the doctor for the croup they said they hadn't seen us since Feb (which was precautionary on our part before we went to Jamaica) and it was October before that.  So that is actually pretty darn amazing for us, especially considering our never-ending winter. 
  • Lately I keep thinking how the boys have spent more of their lives now in Iowa than Minnesota, which just doesn't seem possible. I love it here, but I still really miss some of my old co-workers at the agency and our old neighbors too.  I have many great memories from both places. 
  • Now that it is getting warm out, thought I would put out a friendly reminder to not leave any sippy cups in the car- I got a reminder tonight.

Anyone need help with watering flowers?  She does good work.

I probably have not reported that we now have guitar hero and Nintendo in the garage!  Yes, you read that right, I have my original Nintendo and it works (ours never got the "virus").  Super Mario Bro 3 party anyone?  

My lego builders!  They have gotten really good at building!

Rocking her gold boots that day.  At least she was wearing shoes, she prefers to go without.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter