Sunday, June 22, 2014

A big party for a special little girl

Saturday we celebrated Olivia's second birthday!  Almost two, already!!!  I didn't go too crazy on party festivities.  We did a taco bar and had some other odds and ends.  The pool was a big hit.  This was Olivia's first time playing in it and she had an absolute blast.  

All the boys kept pretty darn busy.  Not sure where Oliver was- he kept busy ALL DAY just going from toy to toy.  

I like that Stella is waiting for them to walk away from the food they are eating.

Opening presents in the garage didn't work out so well.  Olivia was pretty stuck on her first Doc McStuffins gift and didn't want to open much more.  Then she was on to a popsicle break.

And we now have a princess.  I've been dodging all this princess business since the day she was born.  She was totally digging these shoes and tiara.  She seemed to walk around with stronger sense of confidence in this attire. 

You can't mess with this!

If you look close - she is taking her temp.

I think the boys liked the doll house more than her.  They worked hard to put it all together.\
Thanks everyone for coming and for the kind gifts!!  

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