Sunday, June 8, 2014


We had quite the time at Adventureland on Saturday. We arrived right at 10:00 when they opened and stayed for 10 hours!  Yes, 10 hours.  Which wouldn't have been so bad, except it rained for about 7 hours.  And it rained hard!  The good news, we did not spend  a lot of time waiting in line for rides.  I should have known it would rain, I attempted to go here three times last summer and each time it rained.

We met some friends there and they go every year and get a cabana.  Which was pretty awesome and thank goodness they did, otherwise we probably would have had to leave.  So Olivia hung out in there most the time while the boys and Keith swam in the cold rain.  They had an absolutely blast!

Olivia swam a little bit too.  She would have wanted to swim more, but it was so darn cold we didn't want to leave her in the water too long.  She kept busy playing with Ella, they were super funny together.  

Keith and Cody did the big slide!

so happy I brought this hoodie!  

Olivia really needed to take a nap - never did fall asleep!

hands on the hips - this is new!

This was a super fun trip with the kids!  The boys rode the Dragon for the first time this year!  Finally big enough.  And in my book this is a pretty big deal.  When I was a kid this was the scariest ride there, so a big deal to go on it.  We took them on the Outlaw first.  I asked Carter what he thought after, he said, "good, lets go on the Dragon now."  We went on the Galleon four times, 3 times in a row without getting off!  They are so fun on this, they just laugh and laugh and laugh.  
Olivia was a hoot on the rides.  All smiles, laughing so hard.  First ride was the teacups - wish I had a video.  Then she was mad she couldn't go on quite a few.  So then a bit of a sad moment for me watching the boys go on rides with Olivia.  They were super proud to ride with her and big kids - but their faces - couldn't look any less impressed.  Seriously, their faces were just screaming are you kidding me, boring!!!  So it made me sad to remember how much fun they once had on those rides and already bored.  Even the green frog ride that drops - they had fun, but not like they did a few years ago.  Of course this little kid rides are tough to compete with the big ones.  

When did Olivia get so big?

She was super excited for this ride!  Good thing we didn't have much for lines because she wanted to jump the fences a few times.  so excited!!
And they were out!  They played so hard all day!

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