Thursday, April 10, 2014

We have been busy, but a good kind of busy….

Sports for the boys…
We are doing two sports this spring, soccer and t-ball.  Luckily the boys are on the same teams or we would be really scrambling.  We have had two t-ball practices – one of which you might as well not consider a practice since it was so windy you couldn’t even barely throw a ball!  Soccer is in full swing and we had a game on Wednesday and Thursday. Olivia has been a little trooper and she has been a really good fan. 

We are desperate to get outside. 

You read that correctly, we are getting ready for SCHOOL!  So not ready but getting there.  The boys are excited.  Dylan is really excited, Carter was nervous but is getting more excited.  Last week the school had a bug zoo and the kids got to go and get more familiar with the place.  And by bug zoo, I mean big beetles, tarantulas, gross bugs and my boys were all over it and held everything they would let them.  Then on Tuesday we had to go to the school and fill out a bunch of forms and the boys got to meet a few teachers and see the kindergarten room.  They asked one of the teachers, probably about 40-70 questions.   So after that they were super excited and are really looking forward to kindergarten roundup. Carter asked me like five times how many days until they get to go back to the school.  So now me getting ready for this BIG change!

Family Fun…
We had a surprise visit from Keith’s cousins.  One lives in Connecticut and the other in Missouri, so it was a rare occasion for them to be in central Iowa.  So happy they came to visit us.  Sierra and Olivia are just a couple months apart, so they had a good time! 

Last weekend Keith’s parents were in town, so we spent the morning in Norwalk to visit with them and got to see Oliver and Kasper.  Then my sister was so kind to take on our trio so we could go out for a night with a fun group in the neighborhood.  Sunday was a great reminder that I am no longer in my 20’s, but it was still really fun!  The kids had a blast, Olivia loves following Alec around and thinks she is a pretty big deal when she goes there.  We also had a bday dinner for my brother on Friday, so I guess you could say we were on the go all weekend.

The never-ending winter final got the best of us.  Keith had a touch of the flu, which he then gave to me.  Then Sunday I woke up with a cold and a bit of pink eye – because pink eye knows how to find me.  the good news, it was mild and I did not have to present to 100+ people in Boston).  Now Keith is getting my cold.  But whatever, it’s FINALLY NICE OUT!!!! 

I think anyone in the 400 mile circle surrounding us is so happy for the few warm days!  We have actually been out and about seeing some neighbors, so it’s been great.  All the kids are so much bigger, just these slightly warmer days makes me super excited for summer! 

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter