Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Pantry - 98% complete

I have been wanting to re-do our pantry shelves pretty much since the day we moved in. I hate these wire shelves.  Everything falls off them and they can barely support the weight of a can of soup.  The most annoying part they weren't installed very efficiently.  See all those big gaps of space.  I added in a few on the left a couple years ago.  The new ones are adjustable!
This is a project that I knew would be a super pain in the but once it was finally go time.  I ordered the shelves from Menards and they took a ridiculous amount of time to come in and I did not want to get started until they arrived (see kitchen table picture for reasoning).

First step was pulling out all the food and old shelves.  The boys were extremely helpful and had a blast helping me.  I've heard them tell like five people about it!  And they really were helpful and worked super hard!

I initially thought I would load the food up in the office, but this all conveniently worked out the same time we were cleaning our carpets, we had to squeeze our massive couch into the kitchen too!  

After I pulled out all 100 nails/anchors (which did no tome out that easy), we had to fill all the holes (twice) and sand!  I think that was Thursday night.  Then we had to move our furniture and get ready for the zerorez (the radio commercials sucked me in).  

Next step was painting!  Not my finest job, but I can't tell you how excited I am to no longer have nasty, chalky ceiling paint in the pantry.  

First unit in.  We used the same system we used in our master closet, so Keith is almost an expert with the system now.  We did run into a few challenges (hence the 98% complete).

I'm sure you are thinking... they weren't very efficient, look at that big gap.  The shelves come in sets of 3 and you have to screw in the middle one.  So our cereal goes on this shelf, it's working out OK for right now.  However, I do like to maximize closet space, so if needed, I'll add a shelf.

And at about 12:30 AM on Saturday Keith was cutting the last few shelves, I was doing a bit of multi-tasking - peeling hard boiled eggs for Easter dinner, tagging garage sale clothes and installing shelves.  I finally got most the food back in by about 1:30. 

So we have one more shelf we need to buy / install and fix all of our cable box cord business....(I DON'T LIKE MESSY CORDS!)  

So overall, I'm pretty darn excited about the new pantry, it looks much better and seems to be much more organized for now!  

This would also be a good time to share my new tupperware system- not sure if I've shared, but I HATE TUPPERWARE!  I mean it's great, but really freakin annoying when it comes to unlatching lids and a cluttered mess that falls off your shelf every day.  So i am trying these soft baskets.  Working great for the lids so far, could be better for the bowls.  Great excuse to buy a new basket, have I mentioned I can barely walk past these things without buying one.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter