Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where have I been

I’m afraid this blog has become more of this than keeping all of you updated and me diligently document life’s greatest moments, or at least the greatest and not so greatest moments at the Bormann household. Of course kick myself for not keeping – as really, I can barely remember the random things the kids say 20 minutes later, let alone 10 years from now.  And really, it goes by SO DARN FAST!  My little boys aren’t so little anymore and are really looking very “BOYISH” and are adding so many adjectives and to their speech that I have no idea where it has come from.  And Olivia, I swear she skipped being a baby and is trying so darn hard to be a 5 year old.  So really, I need to be better about writing these moments down.  On the flip side, it’s nice to go to bed early some nights instead of plugging away at the computer.  Then there is my major Picassa issue. It is not working! Keith is trying to uninstall / reinstall and struggling.  Usually he is quite savvy in the tech arena, but apple throws him for a loop sometimes.  And my goodness, it is a super pain in the butt to blog without using Picassa. 

So here is some randomness of what’s been happening….

Well, we have had enough of this bizarre- cold, really cold, and let’s not even talk about it cold weather.  Last week I was pumped about news of 40 degree temps.  Then I though who am I kidding, 40 degrees is NOT great.  But better than this negative 20- might lose a finger business.  So on that note we have spent a lot of time in the house.  So much that Keith has taken on a personal challenge to rebuild all the legos that have been crumbled into pieces.  The boys have actually been having a blast with this and they have gotten really good at building legos.  I think they have reconstructed like 5 planes, tons of trucks, the space shuttles, the hospital and who the heck knows what else! And of course Olivia has to be in the basement with them and that girl can’t be trusted alone down there. 

Despite the weather, we have been super busy.  We’ve had birthday parties, play dates, holiday parties, gymnastics and other odds and ends but it seems like we are go, go, go.  I imagine that won’t change much over the years, but we got home last Sunday and the boys said they just want to stay home and not go anywhere.  And Keith thinks we need to stop over committing ourselves because we do seem to go from one place to the next lately. 

We are going to go to Jamaica soon so I have been searching high and low for summer clothes, which ARE NOT OUT YET!  We are excited to go.  The boys are beyond excited to go. Airplane rides, water slides, warm weather, fun with their cousins, they get to see the ocean for the first time.  They have no idea what they are about to experience.  Olivia on the other hand, she will have a blast as well.  The girl LOVES water!  As for me and Keith, this may be a departure from what we have known as a “beach” vacation.  I’m already a bit stressed about the 3 vs 2 situation and the water.  Overall, excited for a family get-away.  Especially from this cold!

I guess she is resourceful

What else?  Olivia is a hoot!  I know I always say this, but she really is a fun little girl.  She is just a huge sweetheart! I hope her personality stays just like it is.  The girl somehow captures people’s attention anywhere we go.  If we are standing in line somewhere she is somehow getting people to talk to her or smile at her.  She is just a sponge right now for picking up on things.  She stares closely at anything you are doing and then tries to mimic you.  And with that said, she is getting very independent.  And not always in a fun way.  She is always trying to put her coat on.  She is good on the one arm, the next is a big struggle and then she tries to ZIP!  You can imagine how this never works out and she screams when you try to help her (so maybe she can grow out this aspectJ).  Same with the shoes.  Poor girl can almost get them on.  But shoes are tough.  I’ve mentioned before what a big girl she is becoming.  I’m buying my 19 month old 3T, how is this possible???  She fits it too.  Pants are usually too long.  I need to post a couple old pics, but she looks just like me as a baby!  Especially if her hair is all messy (which it usually is).  I’m guessing I wasn’t as tall as her – but I’ll post a pic, you will see what I mean. 
CRAP!  THis isn't good!

One of my favorite things right now is how much Olivia wants to do everything the boys do.  She always sits by them, EXACTLY the same way, if they are on their tummies, she is too. If they are sitting in the corner, she is too!  If they are in the bath, she definitely has to take one too. She loves her baths.  I wish you could have seen her one night. Keith said, “boys, time to get in the bath.”  Then I hear a quiet little “bath”, she jumps off the couch running to the bathroom waving her hands in the air, bath, bath, bath!  Speaking of baths, not one time, but two times last week Olivia took a big poo in the tub. First time for her, as always, unpleasant for us!

Alright friends, I will do my best to be better at posting!  No promises thoughtJ Of course I still need to post Christmas pics! 

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