Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Phone Dump

I've been meaning to post a bunch of these for a while.  What is the deal with iPhone pictures, easy to email and upload 3-4 images at a time, but I swear getting them off your phone otherwise is a pain.  If you have a great secret let me know!  Funny because everything else about Apple is so darn easy- just not this and I'm not a big fan of iPhoto.  Enough ranting!

Love her bedhead

Dylan's masterpiece of the day.  So proud!

Be jealous ladies because in 10 years, this lady will not be carrying any heavy boxes.  

Olivia had a play date with her friends Charley and Ellison, now we call Charley on the phone.  This was also a learning that Olivia doesn't really like to share - must work on that!

The girl loves to color!

She also loves to find food in the freezer…waffles!

The boys made these - kinda cool wood robots with Keith.  Also known as the most dangerous / house destroying toy that now stays in the garage and is used under supervision.

They are growing up:(

Dylan made me this crown at school one day, I thought it was pretty darn cool!

NOT COOL!!! I look down to color a picture for two seconds and look up to her completing the second knee.  NO MARKERS FOR OLIVIA

Look close

She loves to take her temp.  They must check it at school a lot because we don't even take her temp too often.

One of the boys made this for Keith.

And now we own this horse - how could we not???

 Back at the temp and back at the freezer.

She loves to hang with her brothers and copies everything they do.

Sometimes I think we need a king size bed.  

I love when they wrap presents for me.  Dylan used ribbon.

It's such a great feeling to get all the decorations up!  Now that it is Jan 7, that tree must come down…..soon.

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