Sunday, January 5, 2014

18 Months

Olivia really enjoyed getting Christmas cards in the mail!

Can you believe our girl is 18 months already???  Where does the time go?  I feel like she is so big these days, but she is certainly tons of fun right now so I am trying to enjoy her as much as I can before she gets any older on me.

Meet Tales - our new horse:)

Some big news!

Just putting her baby to sleep.  She might be a multi-tasker.

Weight:  28 lbs 13 oz, 97%
Height:  33 1/4", 89%

I believe she lost a pound since her last appointment.  With any luck she might thin back into some jeans we barely wore.  I am now buying 3T for her, I just can't believe it since the boys could probably squeeze into a couple 3t things.

What's up with Olivia…

  • I had been just letting the poor girl play cars and whatever her brothers do, then we got a few dolls out for her friends and she is loving them! She "shhhh" them, pats their backs to put them to sleep, feeds them and everything.  I love it!
  • She got a new kitchen for Christmas, so she has been busy with that.
  • She still copies everything the boys do…EVERYTHING!
  • Doesn't love her vegetables:(
  • Loves to take baths.  Anytime the boys are in, she has to get in to.
  • Still loves to read and gets us out books all the time
  • Still not a great sleeper- if you have one of those kids that does 2-3 hour naps, ENJOY.  It's not ever happening here.
    • Her hair is getting quite a bit longer, still just powering through the mullet
    • She has tons of words and repeats about anything-  I won't even tell you what she was repeating from her daddy one morning.
    • She really likes my phone- always taking it

We sure do love this girl! She is really fun and loving.
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