Monday, October 14, 2013

My big girl!

Olivia is almost 16 months already!  We had her 15 month appointment last week and all checked out pretty well.  Here are her stats - a few shockers:
Ht:  31 1/2", 78% - little shocked she wasn't taller
Wt:  27lbs 14 oz, 99% - not a shocker, but hey just for the record this IS NOT off the charts!
HC:  18 3/4", 92%

This girl is rocking the teeth, she has 12 teeth and the 4 eye teeth are pretty much popped up.  


Olivia can be a bit grumpy since she has a runny nose about 22 days a month along with teething, but overall, she is super fun right now!  We just love her so much.  Here is a bit of what she's like right now.

  • You can't ask for a better hug than from this girl.  When you pick her up or get home from work, she comes running as fast as she possibly can with a huge smile and arms right open.  It's the best!
  • She LOVES her brothers and tries to do absolutely everything they do and is always trying to play it cool around them.  If they sit on the couch, she sits on the couch.  She tries to play what they play, whether they like it or not.  We have been having to put her in the tub with them because she will sit and whine at the tub and stick her leg up and try and get in - no joke!  After watching enough soccer games now, she will kick the ball around a little bit:)
  • She is somewhat my little buddy, if I am doing chores, like watering flowers, she just follows behind.  Or she likes to sit by you, so we sit on the front step together sometimes.  In the morning if I sit on the chair and brush my teeth, she gets her toothbrush and sits up by me.  When I do my makeup, she has a brush to go along and do hers too.  Oh, and she somewhat helps with laundry!  I got her to start taking the dish towels to the kitchen drawer, but now she picks up all the piles and tries to take them their:)  So I'm not sure how much help it is!
  • She dances now and that is pretty darn funny.
  • Pantry is still one of her favorite hangouts.  One day Keith was having a tizzy because he couldn't find his gym card and the last we saw of it was Olivia playing with it one Saturday morning while I was trying to get some extra zzz's.  We looked everywhere for that thing, a couple weeks later Keith found it in the pantry!  Of course the place we should have checked.  
  • We are finally done with bottles.  Took us a bit longer than I wanted, but I have to say it was painless, no fits at all!  A little bittersweet, so happy to never wash bottles again, a little sad to not have any babies to feed bottles to.  
  • I would like to share a favorite toy, but to be honest she doesn't seem to just love any.  I have caught her playing with Ninja Turtles 3 or 4 times!  She does love her baby.  She always says, "bab a bab a".
  • She loves to show us her tummy and pulls up her shirt.  
  • She LOVES puppies, as long as they don't get too close.  There is a puppy picture at daycare and every time we walk by she gets super excited and says, puppy, puppy, puppy.
  • She has tons of words, seems like she picks up a couple new ones every day. Some I hear quite a bit of:  no (I hear this one too much!), she will shake her head and say no!  Night, night,  MINE, cracker (girl loves her snacks), poppy - she recently started calling her pacifier poppy, Hello - that's what she calls my phone now, book- she really likes books.  Shoes, she loves shoes and it sounds more like shoos.
  • She loves when I sing to her or anyone for that matter.  
  • She is too big of a snacker, being around the boys does not help at all, but she gets something out of the pantry, then goes to her drawer and will get you a bowl and is pretty darn determined to get her snack.
  • She is starting to throw more fits and tantrums these days!  
  • She really likes her little playset with the slide and going on wagon rides.


Overall, she is pretty darn silly and super fun!  
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