Sunday, October 6, 2013

DIY & Project Update

Though we really enjoy a good DIY project, time just does not allow them to happen very often or very quick. Well, I should say, we do them really, really fast in the window of time we have to do them.  So here is a little recap of what we have in the works…



I have been hunting forever to find something to replace that shelf.  I hate that shelf because to be honest, I don't really have anything that fits into those squares.  Then it just ended up being junked up by kid stuff.  So I am loving these cupboards where I can hide all of that.  I think I will maybe add a few more frames to the table and am still on the hunt for a chair (have been for months).  I just read something somewhere about home decoration, it's more of a marathon than a sprint.  I will agree to that.  I'm so darn picky that it takes me forever to find something that I like.  I was a bit nervous about this item to because I ordered it online, luckily it turned out fine.  Keith did not enjoy putting it together:)


Let's take a look!  I'm super excited about this little project. I added these little shelves first, which was great!  Then I decided this would be a far better place to let the mail and all the in and out junk pile up!  It is no longer on my counter - huge win!!!!  I bought this rack so I could organize kids stuff, coupons, etc.  It could be fancier with fun labels and things, but it works for me.  I LOVE IT!

We try and add a couple new things to the yard every year.  It is quite toasty in our backyard so we thought a couple bigger trees would be a good investment.  We picked them out a while ago, but they were just installed last week.  Keith's grandfather passed away this summer and he was a farmer and a big lover of trees and nature, so we thought it would be perfect to plant this tree for him.  It is a red sunset maple and I think it will be beautiful in the fall.

And of course Grandpa Clarence's tree needs a sidekick, so we also planted a beautiful, silk ivory lilac that we can call Grandma' Caroline's tree.  I'm really excited to see how these change through the seasons, I think we will really enjoy them.

Also - we are finally done with the patio!  You are probably thinking that is old news!  However, if you were to ever look close there was a gap along the entire edge (child trap!) that needed seeded.  Keith did that last week as well.   We also added lights and pillar caps this summer too.  So now I need to think of some fun landscaping ideas around it.  The sun killed our orange chairs too - so if anyone has a great recovering idea let me know!


We would really like to build a shed for our lawnmower / snow blower and the rest of the junk, but realize that would take us a really long time.  So in the short-term we decided to build a little loft in the garage. Luckily we have really high ceilings so you don't really even notice it.  We were able to take a ton of things off the floor and toss up there.  When we were in MN we had a two-car garage, so I though having a three car garage would be plenty big.  Well, a jeep, a riding mower and a bunch of other toys later, things are getting tight! Who knew?  We think we might be able to put the wagon and lots of other toys up here in the winter too, so that will be nice!  Now one of the next big projects on my list is to paint the garage.  This will not be fun.  Why on earth did we paint our garage white?  Good question, I wouldn't have if our builder asked us.


  • Well, the basement stairway is halfway painted.  Seriously, I started a few weeks ago, haven't touched it.  We need the ladder and Keith to hold it, so that requires after bedtime painting and I am always too tired for that business.
  • Staining the deck! After about 5 failed attempts due to weather, Keith finally knocked out the main deck boards.  Then I did a section.  We still have the stairs and some rails.  I told Keith it was his turn.  I just don't enjoy staining decks.  You know when you wish you had a smaller deck, when you are staining it!  Because it sucks! I spent like 2 days powerwashing it just to get ready to stain it.
  • I would like to start getting a plan in place for the basement, so we can start exploring costs, contractors and the works.  We are not doing it ourselves.  Maybe some parts, but most we will not.
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter