Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer, where is it going?


First off, how are we almost through July??? Seems like it just got warm then super hot!  We have been go go go lately- or it seems it’s been one thing after another!  Here is an example of how things have been going.  We had Olivia’s 1 year pictures coming up- of course they snuck up on me and I didn’t order a bow from etsy or come up with anything super cute and just never made it to the mall.  So last minute on Monday I thought – we could go to this little place in Urbandale that is also next to a Great Clips and the boys could get their hair cut.  The good news is the boys got their hair cut (just a plain hair cut – if you ask Carter as that is what he requested from the lady) but the bow place was closed! Then on Tuesday I went to the party store over lunch to get balloons for the pic.  That night I’m leaving work and for some reason I roll my window down a bit – like 6 inches (probably because it was 200 degrees in my car).  Before I know it, all five balloons are making their way out of the car!  I stopped, but it was too late.  I honestly couldn’t decide if I should cry or laugh.  Back to the dumb party store and an extra 25 minutes of sitting at stoplights.  Then when I get home and get all the kids in the car, one of them grabs a balloon and it pops! I was just hoping we would at least have one freakin balloon by the time we took the picture.  I don’t believe we have been through a week the past month or two without seeing a doctor or some sort of appointment.  Here is a recap:
·         Dentist appointments for all three (no cavities!)
·         Olivia has had her tubes, 1 year check up (I need to do a post on this one – it was NOT a fun one), tubes follow-up appointment
·         Then one week Olivia had thrush, along with a cold and being miserable from tubes.  I took her to Baxter one more so she could just spend a day being loved up by my mom!  On a bad note I got a speeding ticket on my way back to Ankeny!
·         Dylan is on his 4th cast now, we have basically had an appointment a week for his arm, the end of next week will be 6 weeks and he will get his pins out.
·         Both boys have had some stomach issues – which on separate occasions both had doctors visits and both stayed home sick on a day (THANKS MOM!)
·         Keith met with a guy one day at our house- working on getting an attic ladder in the garage since we store tons of things up there
·         Boys have had swimming lessons with parks and rec in Johnston, then this week they are doing lessons with a girl in the neighborhood- they are at 8:00 though, so some schedule challenges
·         Field trips- the boys have been doing field trips at school, so Keith’s went the day they did the splash park so he could put Dylan’s cast cover on
·         We have had a few fun get-togethers at our house with friends
·         I did a girls weekend in early June
·         I went to Minneapolis for a couple days for a work trip
·         We had Olivia’s first birthday and my nephew’s birthday party too
·         I’ve been playing softball a bit with a league in town.  It’s been a few years since I’ve played, but it’s been fun.
·         Had a garage sale (not a successful garage sale)- should probably have another garage sale
·         Cleaning our deck!  I think I spent like 6 or 7 hours prepping our deck to be stained.  Still trying to find time to stain it.  I think we may be getting out the lights to do some late night staining
·         Baxter Fun Days & Polk City’s Four Season’s Festival. 
·         Did I mention there has been roadwork by my house too (equals a pilot car a mile long into Ankeny) – the town was gridlock one night.
·         We had a backyard camp out with our neighbors
·         Got a new iphone last week – not impressed!  The battery can barely make it 8 hours.  We made a trip back to Jordan Creek, hoping to get a new one and they are claiming it will get better- still waiting!
·         I had the Justin Bieber concert – I know what you are thinking!!!  My sister and I got my niece tickets.  Still not a fan of the Biebs- we got there early for a 7:00 show.  He had two openers, and then he made us wait almost two hours!  I tell you, I was booing the biebs with the crowd.  The show, surprisingly not awful!

I suppose it’s better to be busy than not doing anything at all! We would just be better with a few less doctor’s appointments in the mix.

You are probably starting to think we keep her in the pantry! I guess it makes a nice playroom.  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter