Monday, July 22, 2013

Fun ISU get-together!

Our friends Kelly and Eric moved back to Omaha after spending the past 9 years in Florida and Hawaii.  We were happy to be able to do a big get-together before Eric left for a 1 year deployment.  So lots of prayers for him and his family while he is away.  This was our first time meeting Charlie and as you can see, he and Olivia became fast friends.  He kept pulling her pacifier out with his mouth:)  I just love that blonde hair!  

It was nice to see these girls just hanging out with their coloring books as it would NEVER happen on a normal day at our house.  

And the little ones!  Probably wouldn't guess Olivia is the youngest!  Olivia is 12 months, Halle is 18 months and Charlie is around 15 months.

Having friends over is hard work!  

This Jeep has had a lot of miles this summer!
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