Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blue, YELLOW, green, red and we are cast free!

(now what the heck are we going to do with these?)

Just under six weeks and we are back to full speed (almost).  Initially, we thought he would probably have a cast on for another week or two after they removed the pins.  Surprisingly, even after I kindly reminded the doctor that he's not the sit-around-and-color kind of kid, he did not need another cast.  He did say the bone where the break was is actually stronger now than it was before.  However, the arm is weaker, so if he fell on that arm he would be at higher risk of breaking it.

I missed the first three cast removals, so I was happy Keith took a video.

LAST DAY!!!  It's only natural that his favorite gorilla shirt is there for moral support on pin-removal day.  Carter came with, he thought it was pretty cool seeing the cast come off.

Carter has been a pretty awesome brother helping Dylan out with his broken arm.  He would help him with his seat belt and one night they told me that Carter color's pictures for him at school:) (that totally melts a mom's heart)

And this looked about as bad as it sounded!  WOW, didn't really expect them to be sticking out like hangers.  EEEK!  He was totally fine with them walking around.  I was a bit stressed the 20 minutes those were exposed as he about ran into about a dozen things.  

We weren't sure what to expect with pulling these guys out.  Went great.  The first didn't hurt at all, the second he moved a bit, but no fuss!  Then they wrapped it up for a couple days.  I didn't think Dylan thought much about it being wrapped up.  But the doctor said two days and on Saturday morning I woke up to him with his arm in my face telling me to take off the wrap!  

Afterwards, Dylan knew he had a special treat waiting for him.  He really wanted to go to Casey's.  I offered to take them to Des Moines to Scratch Bakery (amazing cupcakes) - and he said no- CASEY'S!  We couldn't argue with him, it was his pick! 

Outside of the flow of hospital bills I have been receiving weekly, these six weeks could not have gone better.  He did so well with the cast.  Didn't complain a bit!  A few nights before he got it off he was telling me at night - that cast arm gets really hot!  OBVIOUSLY, it's been 100 degree temps here!  I was surprised he hadn't said it was itchy or hot.  And sure enough there was a bit of a heat rash on his arm when they took the cast off.  He doesn't seem to have full motion yet, but is doing pretty well.  I think he forgets to use his right arm sometimes, I've been seeing him doing some things left-handed still.  I sure hope we are done with broken bones here!  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

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