Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Boys!

After a two week hiatus, the boys are back to being sick AGAIN! Fortunately, they have been in good spirits. They have been pretty funny lately. They get super excited to see us and the first thing they do when I hold them is feel and grab my face. Then of course, they try and eat it.

I was feeding the boys a couple days ago and witnessed the sweetest thing. They were lying side-by-side and turned their faces into each other and were giving each other the biggest smiles. And then they started to feel each other’s faces.

I think we may have hit a record high of doctor visits in the last 8 days:

Wednesday- took Carter in b/c he was extremely wheezie and they wanted us to keep using the nebulizer on him.

*This was probably the worst appointment I have ever attempted on my own. We got a call from daycare at about 5:00 that he wasn’t feeling well, so I was able to get in at 6:00. Keith had to go to class, so I had to go straight from work. So I had two hungry, grumpy boys with no bottles. The appointment ended up lasting an hour and a half! They were crying most of the time, so I had to pretty much had to carry both of them around the doctor’s office. I was EXHAUSTED by the time I got home!!!

Saturday- The doctor said to go back if Carter wasn’t better by Friday. Same news- keep nebbing

Monday- Daycare said they needed to neb him about every two hours, so I took him urgent care. Now we had an ear infection on top of the cold.

Wednesday- Both boys had to go in to get their helmets resized and go to PT. They continue to have big growth spurts and are making great progress! (Carter had a dirty diaper which is what I would call “MAUVE” - Keith and I were both a little surprised as this isn’t a common one in the books.

Thursday- Carter continues to have “unique” colored diapers. So Keith had to go home, dig one out of the garbage and take one in to the doctor to be tested. So far everything seems OK, they think it is from his antibiotics.

Carter and Dylan (95% sure)
Dylan and Carter


Beth said...

Those boys are dolls! What smiley little guys! I'm sorry to hear they are sick again. It seems like a vicious cycle doesn't it?????? Get well soon Carter and Dylan!

Kellie said...

That last picture is great! Poor boys but even though they're sick they still have the biggest smiles! :)


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

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