Friday, April 24, 2009

It's hard to say goodbye......not really!

This is a Craig's List story with a happy ending.
Our house came with this lovely (I'm guessing) 1979 Amana refrigerator. Beautiful, I know many of you are jealous. We went ahead an replaced it when we moved in and this served as a pretty good garage "beer" fridge. Well, as you all know, the winters in Minnesota get pretty cold. I told Keith...."let's not leave the pop in the refrigerator, it will explode"....and Keith says "no, it will be fine." Yep, sure enough I walk out one day to the aftermath of a pop explosion within my fridge, split cans of pop everywhere, even one of the shelves on the door fell off. And I'm not sure how, but even the bottom of the freezer seemed to explode. So anyhow, you can see that this poor fridge has seen better days.
So lucky us, it turns out our friend Bob found this nice fridge on Craig's list for free and sold it to us for a $100! Win. Win......and there is another "Win" in this story.
So to get rid of this energy sucker, we decided to post it on Craig's list for free. We weren't sure if we would have any takers....sure enough about two hours goes by and GONE! This bad boy was a hot item! You should have seen the people coming buy our house hoping for a free fridge. My favorite was the two guys who rolled up in a Neon. (Because why wouldn't you try to put a refrigerator in a Dodge Neon) Then their car broke down in front of our house, they got out of the car, somehow fixed the car and then they were off. Unfortunately, without the fridge.

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krmccord said...

That is a very nice $100 fridge!! What a good deal:)


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter