Thursday, March 12, 2009

A "poopy" week!

Well, I will start off by saying, Keith and I each had an interesting "first" this week. On Sunday morning, it was my day to sleep in, so I was out in a deep sleep when I was waken by a "Jess, get out here" I could sense the urgency in Keith's voice. I came out in the living room to find Keith changing Carter's diaper and their was poop all over the blanket and Keith's legs..... YES, Keith was projectile pooped on (I didn't even know this could happen)! He was changing Carter's already, extremely dirty diaper and then noticed an interesting look on Carter's face and the next thing he knew, he had poop all over his leg, arm and shirt. I didn't feel it was the best time to get the camera out and I'm sure all of you have a "good enough" mental picture.
But it doesn't end there, Dylan didn't want to be left out. So tonight, I was giving him a bath and to no surprise, I looked down and saw he was peeing. Not a big deal, this happens a few times during the course of a bath. Then, I noticed a grunt! My mind quickly thought back to my friend Kelly's pictures of her son having an "incident" in the tub and a frantic phone call from my sister when she too had this experience. So I acted quickly, grab a rag, and was able to catch the "dropping". Yep, it was pretty gross. However, I consider myself fortunate since I experienced the lesser of two evils this week.

AHHHH...Sleeping babies:)

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Kellie said...

I about died laughing when Keith told us he'd been pooped on. :) That is hilarious! You definitely lucked out!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

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