Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cranial Caps!

We have been dreading this day for a while. We finally got the cranial caps on Wednesday. It is going OK so far. They have been wearing them on and off everyday working their way up to wearing them for 23 hours a day. Tonight will be our first night with the helmet on overnight, we're a little nervous about this since the boys have NOT been sleeping very well lately.
So far, they haven't seemed to mind them too much, but the worst thing about them is that they get so hot. They just sweat a ton. So we have been trying to dress them a lot lighter and we are working on NOT swaddling them at night. Carter has been doing OK with his arms out, but Dylan has been waking up about every hour.
We'll have to take the boys in every 1-2 weeks to have the caps adjusted and they will have them from 8-12 weeks.
We went to the Mall of America and out to eat a couple times this weekend and got lots of looks:)

Dylan and Carter

Dylan (we think)

Dylan and Carter (almost sure)

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Kellie said...

Those 2 are going to have the best looking heads on the block! :)

takingitglobal said...

Its worth the while I think.I am all the way in Kenya and I think my daughter has the same challenge.How did you go about getting the solution?



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