Monday, January 12, 2015

This girl

Olivia is 2 1/2 already and she is a very silly girl.  Actually I don't see enough of her right now and when she is home she is glued to Frozen.  Seriously OBSESSED!  The boys never really went through movie phases quite like this.  But it keeps her happy and we are stuck inside.  A little of what this lady is like these days.

  • She loves her brothers and still does all they do
  • She is getting quite fun with her pretend play.  She loves playing with her babies, her kitchen the boys blocks and really just keeps pretty content without too much effort
  • Overall, she is a really good girl.... accept when she and her cousin Alec sneak off for a while.  This weekend involved a very messy toothpaste incident.  Which was far worse than the Christmas Chapstick incident.
  • Lately she will call one of her babies Dylan.  Tonight during her bath she was holding a washcloth in her arms like a baby and was taking care of her baby "Dylan".
  • She loves her friends at school especially Tatum (Tater Tot) and Reecie (Reeci piecie)
  • The girl loves candy canes
  • I'm certain when she sees me her mind does not see my face, she sees one huge fruit snack.  The girl cycles through asking me for fruit snacks, candy canes and vitamins
  • We had the girl potty trained.  Went super well, she picked up on it the first day and now we have regressed 100% and are back in pull-ups.  I have no idea???  #fail
  • She is really into her elsa hair (side pony) and she loves the braids too.  At Target every girl she saw with a bread she said she had Elsa hair, she must have done it at home.
  • She is really funny- last night I found her doc mc Stuffins band aid box was loaded with Band aids.  Initially I assumed Keith did it and then I realized she had gotten her new band aids from the bathroom and loaded it up.
  • She is so good about putting her coat and shoes on when it's time to go.  I still battle this daily with the boys, so I sure do appreciate her making a move for the door.  Sometimes we will just be talking about leaving and she will go put her shoes on.  It is amazing!
  • She has been loving her new tutu from her Grandma Shirley, she had it on for 3 days until she projectile vomited all over it at the McDonalds Playhouse (remember that next time you go) - the good news is the skirt has been washed and she did get sick anymore after that.  Me, I'm still a bit traumatized.  It doesn't matter how long you have been a mom, the puking thing is never one you are good at taking care of.
  • She is a total food thief.  Anything you eat, she wants a bite... and another... and another.
  • If you ask her what she dreamed about, she says horses every time
  • When you carry her up the stairs she always says, yeah I'm heavy
  • The girl loves to brush her teeth but not as much as she loves vitamins
  • She still loves Scooby Doo and Friends
  • She loves having her nails painted.  Luckily she hasn't asked much the past two weeks. For it a while it was 1-2x a day.
I guess it's safe to say she is getting a bit girlier by the day.

All of you stay healthy out there, this influenza is starting to freak me out a bit!  

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