Wednesday, January 14, 2015

4 years later.....

If Carter could talk in this picture, I think he would say, "if only mom would have gotten me a pumpkin costume, this would be way more fun."  

I have a really hard time believing this, but we have been living back in Iowa for four years now!  I always think of four years as a significant amount of time.  When you are in school high school, seems like forever.  Then  you go to college for another 4 years (5 for some of us)- again, what seems like a significant amount of time when you begin.  And here we are 4 years here already.  I still miss a lot of things from Minnesota, but have no regrets moving back and love where we are at!  We do love, love, love Iowa - even though it's a little harder to say in January. 
Look at my little guys - they are so much bigger now.  They were about Olivia's age in these pics.

Hard telling what the next 4 years will bring.  Seems like we were forever down the path of the next thing... married, moved to New Jersey, moved to Minnesota, bought a house, got a dog (and Stella is 8 now!), had babies, moved again, built a house, had another baby!  So here we are, not sure what the next big thing will be.  Maybe making time stop so these guys don't grow up so fast.  Seems like our heads are spinning with the kids, but I know it will go by so fast and I'll wonder where the time had gone.  There are already lots of things they no longer need our assistance with.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter