Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swimming Lessons

A girl down the street did private lessons again this summer with the boys - which worked out GREAT!  I hope she does it again next summer.  The boys had a blast and did really well - they continue to get more confident in the water.  Carter gets a bit more nervous in the water, when he does his back float and the water brushes over his face he gets a bit scared.  Didn't bother Dylan at all and he would back float across the pool and the teacher even let him jump off the diving board.  VERY PROUD moment for Dylan.  Once he got up to the board he was a bit scared.  Even now when they talk about it Carter will say, my brother got to go off the diving board.

I went the last day of their lessons.  Poor Emily, they ask her a zillion questions!  There is a bug in the pool, what is the diving board made of, does your pool do this - that… you name it, they asked it!  
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