Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And we are back!

I was productive on the airplane and did a bunch of posts.  However, Picasa is still out of commission so none of the pictures are edited and oh my goodness, it takes forever to blog without Picasa.  

After nearly a year of planning, our big trip to Jamaica is already over.  We went into the trip with zero expectations and assumed it would be 100% madness keep track of the kids with all the water.  I’m happy to report back that everything was amazing and we had a wonderful time!  SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Wish we could go every year and I am certain the kids would agree!  Perfect temps, swim-up bars, unlimited drinks, a beautiful beach and smiling kids, what more could you ask for???  Dylan told me on our last day that it was probably the most fun day in his entire life!!!

We had a bumpy first day.  Keith and I were awake at 2 AM when we learned our flight to Atlanta had been cancelled due to the ice storm they had.  So after an hour on the phone we were lucky to get rebooked on the same flight my parents were on.  My sisters, not so much.  They had to go to New York – LaGuardia, then get their luggage, take a bus to JFK – then to Jamaica.   They were lucky to make all their connections and still get to Jamaica late that night.  However, in all of the shuffle, my sisters suitcase with all her clothes and WEDDING DRESS was left at the airport in all the shuffle.  (Good news, it made it about 5 hours before the wedding). 

Despite getting the kids out of bed at 4 AM, they were wide-awake and I don’t think they stopped talking for two seconds on the way to the airport.  The boys did well on the flights and Olivia didn’t do too bad – she pretty much stuck to Keith like glue and will most likely have some major separation anxiety when she returns home. 

How beautiful is that ocean???  I love it!  

 We stayed at the Beaches resort in Negril.  The place was great, it had a waterpark right outside our room and about a 2 minute walk to the beach.  It is an all-inclusive resort so we didn’t have to worry about keeping track of money, paying for food or limiting ourselves on frozen drinks!  The best part was, everything was so easy!  The place really wasn’t too crowded so it was easy to keep track of the kids.  It wasn’t much work to pack up for the beach since we had access to towels, beach toys, cold water, beach chairs – you name it!

We quickly got into a routine of going to breakfast, then the beach until around noon, then pizza from Dino’s, followed by the rest of the afternoon at the waterpark.  Rest in the room and take showers, then dinner and partake in resort entertainment.  That makes for a pretty good day if you ask me! 

More posts to come!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter